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Paradigm4 CEO Marilyn Matz will discuss how big data may revolutionize the healthcare industry.
Join Paradigm4 for the 2nd International Workshop on Big Data in Bioinformatics and Healthcare Informatics (BBH14).

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SciDB helps data scientists, bioinformatics and clinical informatics researchers, quants, and analysts in a variety of industries. Got data management and analytics challenges?

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Shorter 'Ask to Answer' Loops

Spend more time on data-driven discovery.
SciDB’s in-database analytics eliminates time-consuming ETL by bringing the analytics to the data.

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Hard Questions. Fast Answers. Open Source.

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Interactive Multi-Dimensional Data Exploration

Multi-dimensional arrays are a natural fit for Big—and Diverse—Data. Auto-indexed and auto-clustered storage enables fast range selections, joins and aggregates.


ACID Guarantees Bullseye

Do it Once; Do it right

Load and curate your data once for all your users. Gone are errors from forked files, replicated work, and “eventual consistency.” SciDB is a true ACID DBMS. Get repeatable, accurate results across multiple users with SciDB.

Distributed MMP

Massive Scalability

SciDB’s massively parallel processing architecture supports petabyte-scale data management, fast parallel queries and parallel linear algebra.


R Python Logos

Programmable from R & Python

Use analyst-friendly languages and break the “in-memory” barrier.  Program in R or Python while leveraging SciDB’s all-in-one data management and scalable analytics.


The minute you want to do complex analytics, and you want to do it at scale, and you want to mix and match data exploration and analysis, that’s what we are good at.


MIT Professor Mike Stonebraker

Co-Founder, CTO, and Parallel Entrepreneur, Paradigm4

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