Mike Stonebraker A New Database Paradigm for Complex Analytics

A New Database Paradigm For Complex Analytics

We believe that data scientists shouldn’t have to struggle to do scalable, advanced analytics. In this video, database visionary Mike Stonebraker describes why SciDB is optimal for complex analytics on machine-generated data.

Stonebraker on SciDB and Exploratory Analytics

Stonebraker on SciDB and Exploratory Analytics

Database pioneer Mike Stonebraker explains why new array databases beat traditional relational databases for fast, ad-hoc analytics and iterative exploration of large, multi-structured data.

R Analytics and SciDB

An Innovative Integration of R and SciDB

Link up the ease-of-use of R with seamlessly integrated data management and a massively scalable math library to build solutions that scale from prototype to production without rewriting any code.

About Paradigm4

Paradigm4 is the company behind the open source SciDB project. We develop it, support it, build enterprise extensions, and provide hands-on expertise.


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Parallel Array Computations With SciDB and R

R Evangelist Bryan Lewis on a natural integration of the R analytic environment and SciDB's distributed, multidimensional array database.