Big Analytics Without Big Hassles

Complex analytics should work as nimbly on extremely large data sets as on small ones.  You don’t want to think about whether your data fits in-memory, about parallelism, or formatting data for math packages.  You’d like to use your favorite analytical language and have it transparently scale up to Big Data volumes.

Paradigm4 presents a webinar about SciDB—the massively scalable, open source, array database with native complex analytics, integrated with R and Python.


  • Presenter:  Bryan Lewis, Chief Data Scientist, Paradigm4
  • Day/Time:  Tuesday November 12th, 2013 at 1pm EST

Learn how SciDB enables you to:

  • Explore rich data sets interactively
  • Do complex math in-database—without being constrained by memory limitations
  • Perform multi-dimensional windowing, filtering, and aggregation
  • Offload large computations to a commodity hardware cluster—on-premise or in a cloud
  • Use R and Python to analyze SciDB arrays as if they were R or Python objects.
  • Share data among users, with multi-user data integrity guarantees and version control

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to SciDB
  • Demo
  • Live Q&A

Shift. Accelerate. Discover.

Please click to view the Webinar: Bigger Analytics without Big Hassles.