Paradigm4 Recent Videos

Which Database System is Right for You? (May 2015) – Alex Poliakov of Paradigm4 conducted market research on the variety of database systems which currently exist. (~37 min)  See the abridged version below.

Foundation Medicine: Accelerating Cancer Informatics using SciDB (April 2015) – Eric Neumann, FMI VP of Knowledge Informatics, presents with Paradigm4 on how Foundation uses SciDB to accelerate cancer informatics. (~32 min)

Episode IV: A New Paradigm (February 2015) – See how SciDB can be used for interactive data exploration. (~54 min)

Big Bioinformatics without Big Hassles (November 2014) – Discover how to accelerate translational informatics research with SciDB — an open source computational DBMS that makes it easy to organize, integrate, select, and share ‘omics, variant, biomarker, and outcomes data. (~58 min)

Accelerate Translational Bioinformatics (July 2014) – See how SciDB lets you share, access, and analyze unlimited heterogeneous data. (~55 min)

Massively Scalable Quantitative Finance (July 2014) – SciDB benchmarks for order book creation and consolidation, crypto-currency network analysis (~45 min)

SciDB Talk Playback

SciDB Talk (March 2015) –  Watch a live Q&A that happened on March 18th also learn about some other SciDB tools available on Github. (~57 min)

SciDB Talk (January 2015) –  Watch a demonstration of the 14.12 Configuration Builder tool available on Github, also cross-join and repartition features, & temp array improvements. (~47 min)

Paradigm4 Videos On-Demand

Bigger Analytics without Big Hassles (November 2013)- Demonstrating SciDB in a variety of use cases. (~1 hr)

Big Bioinformatics and Healthcare Informatics without Big Hassles (December 2013): Solving large-scale problems in bioinformatics and healthcare with SciDB. (~1 hr)

SciDB Tutorial from XLDB 2013 (October 2013): Paradigm4 architects Alex Poliakov and Paul Brown walk you through an interactive tutorial at XLDB 2013. (~3 hrs)

Time Series Data in SciDB (November 2013): Paradigm4 presents SciDB-Py at PyData NYC 2013. (~28 min)

Big Analytics with SciDB-Py (August 2013): Paradigm4 and Continuum Analytics present a webinar about SciDB-Py, a Python package that expands the power of Python with SciDB, the massively scalable array database. (~1 hr)

Analyze More, Program Less: SciDB for Computational Finance (June 2013): Watch demos of SciDB performing common financial calculations at scale. (~1 hr)

Big Analytics with SciDB-R (April 2013): See how SciDB-R lets you remain an R programmer but expands its power with SciDB.  (~1 hr)


Paradigm4 Short Videos

Interactive Data Exploration with SciDB

Interactive Genetic Variant Data Exploration and Drill Down with SciDB, R-Studio, and Shiny.

Which Database System is Right for You? (abridged)

Bill Kantor of Paradigm4 gives a shortened version of Alex Poliakov’s database systems market research findings.

Follow the Bitcoins

Crypto-Currency and Massive Network Analysis

Paradigm4 Chief Data Scientist and R contributor Bryan Lewis discusses using SciDB to analyze Bitcoins transactions and find the most important network nodes. His FinDevR 2014 talk also touches on other awesome and more commonplace quantitative finance applications of SciDB—fast OHLC bar building, “as-of” imputations, GLM’s, large correlations, and PCAs.

 A New Database Paradigm For Complex Analytics

Database visionary Mike Stonebraker describes why SciDB is optimal for complex analytics on machine-generated data.

 SciDB in the Lab

Yushu Yao of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – NERSC shares his experiences using SciDB on terabytes of science data.