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SciDB Community versus Enterprise Edition

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

Core MPP Analytical Database
Multi-dimensional array data model yes yes
Multi-dimensional selects, filters, joins, windowing yes yes
Fully ACID yes yes
Time series support, basic yes yes
Time series support, advanced yes
Regrid yes yes
User-defined types, functions, operators yes yes
Automated versioning (no-overwrite) yes yes
Basic Math and Statistics
Correlation metrics
(Pearson, Kendall-Tau, Spearman)

Distributions functions
(Gaussian, Poisson, Hypergeometric)


Statistical tests
(Fisher’s Exact Test)

yes yes
Rank, quantile yes yes
Scalable Advanced Math
(new functionality every release)
Dense Linear Algebra – ScaLAPACK
(matrix multiplication and SVD)
yes yes
Truncated sparse SVD yes
Sparse Matrix Multiply yes yes
Graph Operations
(pagerank, Bellman-Ford SSSP)
Generalized Linear Models
(linear regression, logistic regression, …)
Intel MKL Support (speeds up linear algebra) yes
High Availability, System Management and Monitoring (new functionality every release)
k- replication yes
Node failure detection yes
Node failure recovery yes
Node monitoring yes
Application interfaces
SciDB-R yes yes
SciDB-Python yes yes
Interactive Query API yes yes
JDBC yes yes
C++ yes yes
Affero GPLv3 yes
Commercial yes
Academic Users, contact us for more information on licenses for you and your institution.