On-Demand Webinars


Accelerate Translational BioinformaticsSee how SciDB lets you share, access, and analyze unlimited heterogeneous data. (~55 min)
Massively Scalable Quantitative Finance – SciDB benchmarks for order book creation and consolidation, crypto-currency network analysis(~45 min)
Bigger Analytics without Big Hassles - Demonstrating SciDB in a variety of use cases. (~1 hr)
SciDB for Bioinformatics and Healthcare Analytics: Solving large-scale problems in bioinformatics and healthcare with SciDB. (~1 hr)
SciDB Tutorial from XLDB 2013: Paradigm4 architects Alex Poliakov and Paul Brown walk you through an interactive tutorial at XLDB 2013. (~3 hrs)
Big Analytics with SciDB-Py: Paradigm4 and Continuum Analytics present a webinar about SciDB-Py, a Python package that expands the power of Python with SciDB, the massively scalable array database. (~1 hr)
Analyze More, Program Less: SciDB for Computational Finance: Watch demos of SciDB performing common financial calculations at scale. (~1 hr)
Big Analytics with SciDB-R: See how SciDB-R lets you remain an R programmer but expands its power with SciDB.  (~1 hr)



Videos of Note
 A New Database Paradigm For Complex Analytics

Database visionary Mike Stonebraker describes why SciDB is optimal for complex analytics on machine-generated data.

 SciDB in the Lab

Yushu Yao of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab – NERSC shares his experiences using SciDB on terabytes of science data.


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