Bioinformatics Specialist

Develop bioinformatics data analytics applications on Paradigm4’s proprietary computational platform to help Paradigm4 pharma and biotech customers interpret biomedical data and accelerate their drug discovery research. Provide technical expertise for Professional Services projects, assisting with assessing customer requirements, authoring statements of work, managing programs, and delivering solutions and support. Supervise other scientists as directed by company management. Provide scientific expertise and support to Paradigm4’s R&D, Marketing, Solutions Services, and Sales teams, including authoring white papers and application notes, generating technical sales enablement materials, building proof of concept demos, implementing technical evaluation projects, and educating sales executives. Demonstrate company’s technical processes and results to vendors, clients, and prospects with performance benchmarks, demo materials, and comparisons to competitors using knowledge derived from specialized bioinformatics work. Use biomedical informatics knowledge to acquire industry benchmark data and perform competitor analysis. Present work on behalf of Paradigm4 at various conferences and meetings and contribute to publishing technical materials, including white papers and research studies. F/T. Requires PhD in biomedical engineering or bioinformatics plus 36 months experience with similar duties.

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