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The Vast Potential of Single-Cell Analysis
Single-cell analysis has great promise… but how can we get there? by Zachary Pitluk » FULL ARTICLE
AI in Drug Discovery Starts to Live Up to the Hype
Genentic Engineering & Biotechnology News: The past few years have seen several flashy demonstrations of how artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms may transform biomedical research, particularly ... » FULL ARTICLE
The Vast Potential of Single-Cell Analysis
The Analytical Scientist | Single-cell analysis has great promise… but how can we get there? by Zachary Pitluk » FULL ARTICLE
54 Gene enlists Paradigm4 app for African Health Information Ecosystem
Paradigm4 has signed an agreement with 54Gene allowing the latter to use the former’s Reveal Biobank App to explore, characterise and query 54Gene’s African Health ... » FULL ARTICLE
Is Precision Medicine Ready For Data From Billions Of Cells?
BIO-IT World: Popular opinion is that two big shifts have changed the game for bioinformatics. The first is a technology development—single cell ‘omics—that began just ... » FULL ARTICLE
How Can Data Platforms Unlock the Power of Single-Cell Analysis?
Single-cell technologies have positioned themselves at the forefront of biomedical research. These platforms allow researchers to bypass the uncertainties of bulk data and instead interrogate ... » FULL ARTICLE
The increasing power of single-cell omics: changing the future of medicine
Advances in the single-cell genomic analysis of cells and tissues, including the required computational methods, have now put systematic, high-resolution and comprehensive reference maps of ... » FULL ARTICLE
54gene Enlists Paradigm4’s Science-Ready Data Solution for its African Health Information Ecosystem
12 JANUARY 2021: Paradigm4, specialist in scientific data management and scalable computation, has signed an agreement with 54gene, a health technology company deriving insights from the world’s ... » FULL ARTICLE
How Can Data Platforms Unlock the Power of Single-Cell Analysis?
Ruairi J MacKenzie » FULL ARTICLE
Enabling Pharma Researchers to Think Differently with Effective Data Manipulation
Marilyn Matz and Zach Pitluk, Ph.D. » FULL ARTICLE
GenomeWeb: Paradigm4 Moves Into Single-Cell Data, Helps Pharma Address COVID-19
Neil Versel » FULL ARTICLE
Allotrope Connect Fall 2020 Conference presentation: Leveraging millions of ADF files and enabling Data Science in Pharma with Python and R
Zach Pitluk, Ph.D. » FULL ARTICLE
BioPharma Trend: A new way to work with data in life sciences
Interview with Marilyn Matz, CEO and Co-founder at Paradigm4, and 2020 NACD Directorship 100™ honoree, and her colleague Dr. Zachary Pitluk, VP of Life Sciences ... » FULL ARTICLE
AWS Healthcare & Life Science (HCLS) Web Day 2020
Oh the Places You’ll Go (with 1 billion regressions an hour) explores the partnership with Alnylam to access and understand the data from the UK ... » FULL ARTICLE