Company Overview
Multidimensional data supports better decisions and disease understanding
Company Overview

Paradigm4’s Agile Science™ Platform, REVEAL™, transforms the way we integrate, share, and gain insights from multidimensional scientific data.

  • Streamline hypothesis generation and validation across multi-modal, proprietary and public datasets with the REVEAL suite of extensible apps.
  • Build decisive evidence to advance drug discovery, biomarkers, and precision medicine.
  • Power discovery from population-scale to n-of-1 with FAIR data access and elastically scalable analytics and machine learning.
  • Join leading Life Sciences, MIoT, instrument companies, and research institutes using Paradigm4’s integrative analytics platform and apps for transformational, reproducible research.

The company was founded by renowned database researcher, Turing Award laureate MIT Professor Michael Stonebraker.

Why Paradigm4?

We enable scientists with:

  • Agile Apps: apps that are application-specific solutions, not just an ecosystem platform.
  • Agile Solution Services: we are an integrated member of your agile project team.

Build scientific and commercial value faster with a science-ready platform

Here’s what top pharma and biotech users are saying:

“storing scientific data as vectors makes sense”

“the most advanced solution we have to bring together multiple data types and give easy access across all to researchers” 

“transforms the pace of our daily research”

“none of this is possible without your platform”

About Our Name

How did we come up with our name, Paradigm4? Well, we’re all about data-intensive discovery on massive data sets or massive collections of smaller datasets. Conceived by Jim Gray, you can read about the fourth paradigm, along with the preceding three paradigms: experimental, theoretical and computational here.


To channel Freeman Dyson, “New directions in science are launched by new tools much more often than by new concepts.”  For the Life Sciences, new tools encompass both new data generating instruments and data collection initiatives as well as next generation software to combine and mine that data in unique ways.

And channeling Steve Jobs—with our platform, we aspire to enable scientists to “think different”, to do breakthrough science by giving them the ability to ask and answer bigger and more complex questions of their data more easily and more cost-effectively.

Importantly, working in partnership with our users, we will continue to expand the analytical, computational, and machine-learning capabilities that will help drive their innovation. As vendors introduce new technology and toolkits, the research community is quick to embrace and exploit what becomes the ‘new normal’. In turn, as they solve their problems, new information is generated, new tools and methodologies are developed, and the cycle of discovering ‘new directions’ repeats again.