Paradigm4 presents a webinar about using SciDB for scalable financial analytics. You’ll see how SciDB reaches Big Data scale without forcing you to become a computer scientist—no mapping, no reducing, no concocting parallel algorithms by hand. The webinar will also demonstrate SciDB-R, an R package that lets you remain an R programmer while enjoying the scalable analytics and data management of SciDB.

This webinar was presented on June 6, 2013 by Bryan Lewis, R package author and Chief Data Scientist, Paradigm4. You can view the webinar online.

Learn how SciDB lets you perform analyses like the following—all at massive scale and all within the SciDB array database so you don’t need to move data in and out of your analysis software:

  • Multi-dimensional windowed aggregates
  • Multidimensional decimation and oversampling methods
  • Parallel mathematical operations on sparse or dense distributed arrays, including statistical methods and linear algebra operations.
  • Scalable generalized linear models, principal components, and clustering operations

In addition, you’ll see how SciDB supports the following:

  • Ad-hoc, investigative analytics at scale
  • Automatic data distribution, parallelization, and scalability onto clusters of commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to SciDB
  • Demo: Computational Finance with SciDB
  • Live Q&A

View the webinar online.