Complex analytics should work as nimbly on extremely large data sets as on small ones.  You don’t want to think about whether your data fits in-memory, about parallelism, or formatting data for math packages.  You’d like to use your favorite analytical language and have it transparently scale up to Big Data volumes.

Paradigm4 presents a webinar about SciDB—the massively scalable, open source, array database with native complex analytics, integrated with R and Python.


  • Presenter:  Bryan Lewis, Chief Data Scientist, Paradigm4
  • Day/Time:  Tuesday November 12th, 2013 at 1pm EST

Learn how SciDB enables you to:

  • Explore rich data sets interactively
  • Do complex math in-database—without being constrained by memory limitations
  • Perform multi-dimensional windowing, filtering, and aggregation
  • Offload large computations to a commodity hardware cluster—on-premise or in a cloud
  • Use R and Python to analyze SciDB arrays as if they were R or Python objects.
  • Share data among users, with multi-user data integrity guarantees and version control

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to SciDB
  • Demo
  • Live Q&A

Shift. Accelerate. Discover.

Please click to view the Webinar: Bigger Analytics without Big Hassles.