Less data wrangling. 

More analysis.

I want my data, and I want it easy. I spend way too much time thinking about how to get my data ready.

Trading Analytics Manager, Energy Futures

Paradigm4’s SciDB is an innovative time-series database management solution for creating value from financial data. Assemble, align, and aggregate public and proprietary data rapidly. Self-serve from a common data store.

SciDB frees quants and traders to exploit market trends, back test more algorithms, assess risk, and build more sophisticated factor models.




SciDB’s time series data management, parallel distributed processing, dynamic provisioning, and tight integration with R and Python, eliminate the hassles your firm has experienced with data management and computational complexity in the past. Give quants and traders more robust data, more quickly.



SciDB is a 21st century array database specifically designed to offer compact data storage and high performance operations on temporal data exactly like yours. It slices through massive amounts of data providing a 10-20X performance improvement in selection, joins, and aggregates.



SciDB dramatically reduces the time spent on low-value data wrangling and empowers self-serve data management. Insightful decision making skyrockets when the most recent data is readily available in one place.

Grow your top line through differentiation

Edge comes from the innovative ideas driven by integrating multi-timescale, diverse data. SciDB empowers firms to manage tick (trade and quote), daily, fundamentals, sentiment, and other data in ways you could not do quickly or easily before.

Improve return on people

If your business is like others’ then your quants and algorithm developers spend 50 – 90 percent of their time collecting and preparing data, before it can be analyzed for useful insights. SciDB dramatically reduces the time spent on low-value data munging and empowers self-serve data management. Simply feed custom algorithms from SciDB’s shared data repository.

Improve return on capital assets

Performance drives productivity. The immediate availability of the most recent data is critical to insightful decision-making. SciDB ingests data—keeping up with market data feeds—and slices through massive amounts of data providing 10-20X performance improvements in finance aggregates. SciDB’s MPP shared-nothing architecture lets you scale out on commodity hardware—in the cloud or on premises.

Greater profitability

What would you do with 50% more time and 20x performance?
Leverage your best ideas and power your growth.