Agile Science Solutions
• Rapid data triangulation
• FAIR data access
• Analysis without limits
Agile Science Solutions

Build scientific and commercial value with a science-ready platform

Our Agile Science platform connects the data and computational horsepower to help people do breakthrough science. Scientists told us they wanted intuitive, use-case focused solutions, not just bioinformatics ecosystems where they assemble their own data and analytics pipelines. We answered with REVEAL.

The REVEAL suite of apps provide use-case focused schema, GUIs, interfaces, vocabulary, and functionality, presented the way scientists intuitively envision their data sets and express their analytical questions.

With REVEAL, scientists get:

  • Agility: Apps that are application-specific solutions, not just a bioinformatics ecosystem platform.
  • Scalability: Incorporate an unlimited number of proprietary and public data sets without slowing query responsiveness as data volumes grow. Algorithms scale automatically with distributing computing.
  • Extensibility: Add new data types. Deploy new R, Python library functions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduce TCO, including far lower computing costs with Burst Mode™ (elastic) computing. We are driven to optimize algorithm performance to increase performance and reduce costs, year over year.
  • Reproducibility: Version raw, QA’d, and processed data as well as algorithm versions and machine-learning models. Guaranteed data integrity and security in a transaction safe and secure multi-user environment.
  • Scientific results: from identifying COVID targets to de-risking safety issues, REVEAL enables breakthrough science.

The REVEAL apps are built on Paradigm4’s unique scientific, computational DBMS: SciDB

Here’s what top pharma and biotech users are saying:

“storing scientific data as vectors and arrays makes sense”

“the most advanced solution we have to bring together multiple data types and give easy access across all to researchers”

“transforms the pace of our daily research”

“none of this is possible without your platform”