REVEAL Apps Deliver
• Hypothesis discovery & validation
• Analysis without limits
• Flexibility to explore new science
REVEAL Apps Deliver

Catalyze Innovation with a “Super-Domain” of Integrative ‘Omics

Our Integrative Analytics Software Platform connects the data and computational horsepower to help people do breakthrough science. Scientists told us they wanted intuitive, use-case focused solutions, not just bioinformatics ecosystems where they assemble their own data and analytics pipelines. We answered with REVEAL.

The REVEAL suite of apps provide use-case focused schema, GUIs, interfaces, ontologies, and functionality, presented the way scientists intuitively envision their data sets and express their analytical questions.

With REVEAL, scientists get:

  • Ease-of-Use: Ad hoc analysis that’s demonstrably scientist-friendly
  • Transparent Scalability: Automated elastic computing scales to billions of entities
  • Unmatched Cloud Economics: We have the numbers to prove it
  • Extensibility: Agile exploration of new data types and algorithm
  • Reproducibility & Compliance: FAIR, Provenance, Logging, ISO27001

The REVEAL apps are powered by Paradigm4’s unique FLASH tech stack.

Here’s what top pharma and biotech users are saying:

“storing scientific data as vectors and arrays makes sense”

“the most advanced solution we have to bring together multiple data types and give easy access across all to researchers”

“transforms the pace of our daily research”

“none of this is possible without your platform”