REVEAL Analytical Development
Unlock CQAs from Allotrope data with high performance data processing and analysis pipelines.
REVEAL Analytical Development

REVEAL™: Analytical Development

Analytical development and QC for manufacturing small or large molecules requires the routine analysis and re-analysis of data sets from different batches, different manufacturing sites and different raw materials vendors. This creates an ever larger pool of data for monitoring CQAs, trends and new quality attributes. Data may be collected on any number of validated instrument platforms.

The Allotrope Data Format (ADF) is a vendor, platform, and method-agnostic file format for storing data, multi-dimensional arrays, contextual metadata, and ancillary files to streamline data integration. The ADF addresses the critical need for uniform storage of diverse scientific instrument data and associated metadata, facilitating the development of consistent, integrated and compliant data processing and analysis pipelines.

Paradigm4’s data science platform accelerates analysis pipelines, transforming the pace of analytical development.