REVEAL Biobank
REVEAL Biobank

Power population-scale translational medicine and healthcare research with less effort

National Biobanks are a groundbreaking resource of rich data. But that great wealth and diversity of data brings great usability challenges.

REVEAL: UK Biobank reduces friction investigating complex questions

  • 500,000 participants
  • Array, WES, WGS genomic data
  • Human Genome references and annotations
  • 16,000 phenotypes: continuous, categorical, episodic, longitudinal
  • Longitudinal GP data, with over 200,000 Read3 codes
  • Longitudinal Rx and hospital episode data
  • Imaging and actigraphy data

REVEAL Biobank delivers:


  • Jumpstart your biobank project with all data modalities QA’d, organized, and ready-to-use
  • Ask complex questions naturally with task-specific high level interfaces
  • Dynamically build case / control cohorts with the Cohort selector GUI
  • Visualize GWAS/PheWAS association results with the PheGe GUI

Scalability: Queries execute responsively at population-scale across all modalities in the UK Biobank. Algorithms like Linkage Disequilibrium and GWASs scale automatically in a parallel distributed computing environment.

Extensibility: Integrate public and other biobank GWAS results. Add new data types. Incorporate an unlimited number of studies and reference datasets. Deploy any custom R, Python library functions like Plink, SAIGE, SKAT, Metal.

Cost-effectiveness: Reduce TCO, including far lower computing costs with Burst Mode™ (elastic) computing for large GWAS computations like 1 billion linear regressions in a hour for less than $300.

Reproducibility: Version raw, QA’d, and processed data as well as algorithm versions and machine-learning models. Guaranteed data integrity and security in a transaction safe and secure multi-user environment.

Scientific results: new targets and new indications have already been identified by REVEAL Biobank users. Discovery of naturally occurring genetic knockouts de-risks safety concerns.

“We went from essentially zero capability to a world-class capability in genetics.”

V.P. Research Informatics, Global Biotech


“The most advanced solution we have to bring together multiple data types and give easy access across all to our researchers.”

Principle Scientist, Translational Medicine Bioinformatics, Top 10 Pharma

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