REVEAL Digital
REVEAL Digital

Synchronize and quantify thousands of hours of signal data from wearables, audio, video to extract and validate digital biomarkers.

Built-in functions address the hard real-world data quality issues like clock synchronization, clock drift, sensor malfunctioning, sensor misplacement, and multi-sensor data harmonization that limit using data.

REVEAL Digital delivers:

  • Agility: Reduce the data wrangling and programming challenges QA’ing, accessing, and co-analyzing thousands of hours of clinical and natural studies data from diverse sensors and video. GUIs and intuitive APIs support selecting and viewing aligned streams of data at time-stamps or events.
  • Scalability: Automated parallel processing of signal processing filters and functions.
  • Extensibility: Add new data and device types. Deploy any R, Python signal processing and machine-learning libraries.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduce TCO, including far lower computing costs with Burst Mode™ computing for harmonizing data. We are driven to optimize algorithm performance to increase performance and reduce costs, year over year.
  • Reproducibility: Version raw, QA’d, and processed data. Guaranteed data integrity and security in a transaction safe and secure multi-user environment.
  • Scientific Results: Evidence for validating novel digital endpoints and automatically quantifying disease progression using sensors and analytics.

“This is probably the largest collection of aligned digital signal data assembled.”

Director of Digital Medicine, Top 10 Pharma


“You have contributed significant savings on site.”

Manager, R&D Procurement

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