REVEAL Imaging
REVEAL Imaging

Scale up high-content screening as well as creating phenotypes from image data.

Agile support for complex imaging formats like mass-spec, FLIM, FISH.

REVEAL Imaging delivers:

  • Agility: Streamline exploration, image analysis, and machine-learning on cellular and imaging study datasets. Efficient, intuitive data management for MRI, mass-spec, FLIM, FISH, and other datasets.
  • Scalability: Automated parallel processing of image processing scales across thousands of cores with Burst Mode™ computing.
  • Extensibility: Deploy any R, Python, C++ image processing libraries.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Significantly reduced the time and human resources required to analyze experimental imaging data sets and assess the effect of different parameters and methods.
  • Reproducibility: Version raw, QA’d, and processed data. Guaranteed data integrity and security in a transaction safe and secure multi-user environment.
  • Scientific Results: Develop robust phenotyping of high content cellular images for chemical biology. Machine-learning on FISH images to characterize bioproduction cell lines.

“Our image volumes are going from “small to scary”. Analyzing 32K images took person months. We have to automate this.”

Lead Imaging Technologies, Process Analytical Engineer, Top 15 Pharma


“The greatest advantage that truly sets SciDB apart from other Big Data analysis technologies is the optimized communication protocol that Paradigm 4 implemented to support efficient multimodal parallelization; that is, beyond embarrassingly parallel processing. This protocol empowers SciDB users to leverage its functions and operators with exceptional performance for a wider range of analyses on arrays.”

NASA climatologist

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