Improve products, services, and reliability Sensor_Analytics_IconManufacturers, miners, utilities and fleet operators collect and analyze data across a spectrum of sources, sampling frequencies, volumes and relevance. Sensor, laboratory, maintenance and utilization data forms a rich ecosystem of orthogonal and mineable analytical opportunities, with the potential to drive improvements in product and service quality, on-time delivery, asset maintenance and utilization and employee safety. Industrial data is ordered and highly dimensional – far more complex than the flat, fact-oriented data that conventional databases were designed for. SciDB’s massively scalable windowing functions and complex analytics exploit this inherent structure. Uniquely, SciDB provides both ACID guarantees and full DBMS functionality with an in-database analytics environment that eliminates time consuming data extraction overhead for engineers and analysts. SciDB’s shared-nothing, massively parallel processing (MPP) distributed database runs on 10s to 1000s of commodity-hardware nodes in a cloud or on-premise. Robust array archiving ensures that laboratory and maintenance records that need to be updated with corrections or additions are never overwritten — critical functionality for pharmaceutical and other highly regulated manufacturers and service providers.