Version 13.12 of SciDB is now available for download. We support three platforms: Ubuntu 12.04, RHEL 6, and CentOS 6.

This release includes changes to the SciDB Community Edition, the SciDB Enterprise Edition, and the external tools available in the form of GitHub repositories.

The Community Edition of SciDB 13.12 includes these changes:

  • The SciDB startup process is faster, especially for clusters with many nodes.
  • The operators index_lookup() and uniq() have been added.
  • Non-integer dimensions are no longer supported; each dimension must have datatype int64. A workaround for non-integer dimensions that employs index_lookup() and uniq() is described on the SciDB forum.
  • The multiply() operator is no longer supported. To multiply dense matrices, use the gemm() operator. To multiply sparse matrices, use the spgemm() operator, which is available only in the Enterprise Edition.
  • The default output format for the iquery client is now dcsv. All previously supported output formats remain valid; only the default format has changed.
  • The special value NA is no longer supported. Use NaN or Null instead.
  • The NOT EMPTY constraint on array creation is deprecated and will be removed from a future release.
  • The IMMUTABLE constraint on array creation is no longer supported.
  • The semantics of unary operators over missing values is deprecated. In a future release, the semantics will be changed to return null (a special case of missing value where the missing code is 0), in order to be consistent with the semantics of binary operators.
  • The semantics of aggregates involving NaN have changed. Aggregates involving NaN now return NaN, to be consistent with the IEEE standard.
  • The redimension_store() operator is deprecated. Use store(redimension()) instead.
  • The cross() operator is deprecated. Use cross_join() instead.
  • The build_sparse() operator is deprecated. Use store(redimension(build))) instead.
  • All special-case aggregate operators have been deprecated. Use the more general aggregate() operator instead. The deprecated aggregate operators are approxdc(), avg(), count(), max(), min(), stdev(), sum(), and var().
  • A new aggregation, prod, has been added. It computes the product of a set of values.

The Enterprise Edition of SciDB 13.12 includes these changes:

  • The operator solve() has been removed. Use the glm() operator instead.
  • The operators cumsum() and cumprod() have been removed. Use the cumulate() operator instead.
  • The functions first() and last() have been renamed to first_index() and last_index(), respectively.
  • The operators linregr() and logistregr() have been removed. Use the glm() operator instead.

The external tools available in the form of GitHub repositories have been extended as follows:

  • Loading files in the HDF-5 format. Details.
  • Embedded R within SciDB queries. Details.

To download the Community Edition of SciDB 13.12, see the downloads page of the SciDB forum. Then drop us a line at to give us feedback and tell us about the analytics you perform with SciDB.