scidb313SciDB, Paradigm4′s analytical database, lets you explore data and execute advanced analytics operations–in database–that scale transparently to billions of data elements.

Version 13.6 of SciDB is now available for download. We support three platforms: Ubuntu 12.04, RHEL 6.3, and CentOS 6.3.

The Community Edition of SciDB 13.6 includes:

  • Improvements for stability and robustness
  • Expanded guidelines for how to configure SciDB
  • Use of escaped quotation marks in string literals
  • Input and output strings delimited by single quotation marks
  • A set of prototype operators (in the examples directory) that serve as a how-to guide for development of user-defined operators (UDOs)
  • A bug fix for redimension_store() with synthetic dimensions, where values of different attributes might have been misaligned in the result array

The Enterprise Edition of SciDB 13.6 includes:

  • A new operator for Generalized Linear Model (GLM).
  • A new operator for Truncated Singular Value Decomposition (TSVD).
  • Optimized BLAS and LAPACK from the Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)

To download the Community Edition of SciDB 13.6, see the downloads page of the SciDB forum. Then drop us a line at to give us feedback and tell us about the analytics you perform with SciDB.

To get the Enterprise Edition of SciDB 13.6, contact us.