The Architecture and Motivation for SciDB

SciDB is scientific computational database – a massively parallel, transactional, array-oriented, Database Management System (DBMS). This paper presents a high level description of SciDB and explores the design of some of its critical components in detail. You will learn what SciDB does, how SciDB is implemented, and why these technical choices make SciDB excellent for managing and analyzing large, diverse, quantitative data sets, especially machine-generated data – measurements and observations from instruments, sensors, and other data acquisition or monitoring devices.

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Customer quotes

“What I think is so amazing about SciDB is that it in many ways it removes the technological hurdle to big data analysis so that the only limitation is what ideas you can come up with.”
Brock Peters Ph.D., Senior Director, Research, Complete Genomics

“Paradigm4 is a cool partner for Genestack because together we enable fast and flexible big data analytics for genomics.”
Misha Kapushesky Ph.D., CEO, Genestack Limited”

“SciDB is cool because it allows me to focus on the analysis of my research rather than being distracted by data management chores.”
Kwo Sen Kuo Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Bayesics LLC, and Research Scientist, NASA

“On one side, there is data provided by vendors and collected by us that exists in various formats. On the other side, there is a need for the analyst to test hypotheses and make conclusions. We needed a solution that let us focus on analysis. That is where our expertise lies, and we turned to SciDB to bridge the gap between the two sides and bring the data conveniently to the analyst.”
Alex Nazaruk, Data Platform Architect, PDQ Enterprises

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