Agile Science Services
Agile Science Services

Accelerate your project with Paradigm4’s Agile Solution Services.

We’re partners, not vendors. We’ll help you get going and get answers.

Our Solutions team has extensive experience and advanced degrees in bioinformatics, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, molecular genetics, image and signal processing, applied mathematics, machine-learning, scalable parallel computing, R, Python, databases, and cloud computing.

Services include:

  • Data wrangling, QA, and curation
  • Load public, proprietary, and reference datasets
  • Consult on design of experiment
  • Implement data access control, security, and versioning
  • Define an optimal set of schema to support your research questions
  • Implement research questions as interactive SciDB queries and workflows
  • Advise on statistics and algorithms
  • Machine-learning, including TensorFlow applications
  • Integrate vetted and cutting edge algorithms
  • Benchmarking
  • Build custom extensions
  • Optimize performance with Burst Mode elastic, parallel computing

Example algorithms optimized and implemented for parallel distributed computing:

  • Linear algebra and other matrix operations, e.g. ScaLAPACK
  • tSVD
  • QR logistic regression
  • distance metrics
  • clustering algorithms
  • and more


Our Solution Architects thrive on partnering with your scientists to enable their research.