Paradigm4 Solution Services

Multiple lines of evidence drive powerful decisions

Leverage all your lines of evidence with a technology designed for highly dimensional and diverse data.

Tap our Solutions team to:

  • kick off and accelerate your project
  • augment your team
  • reduce program risk

We’ll help you load, curate, integrate, explore, and analyze multiple lines of evidence to push forward your discovery and translational initiatives.

Here’s what we can to do together:

Get Going


Spec and install

  • Specify cloud or on-premises infrastructure to support data capacity and computing requirements
  • Install and configure SciDB (remotely or on-site)
  • Provision for quality of service requirements (redundancy, fail over, et al)

Clean & Load Multiple Data Sources

  • Bring in molecular, clinical, images, EKG, mass spec, RWE, actigraphy, sensor, and other instrument data
  • Resolve missing data, file format errors, bad values. Reconcile naming conventions. Profile data sets. Support for both public and proprietary data sets
  • Provide high performance parallel data loading using our standard loaders or custom loaders to accelerate specific data types

Manage data access & data life cycle

  • Setup user data access and privileges
  • Setup data lifecycle strategies to support reproducibility and traceability

Get Answers


Design your exploration space

  • Define an optimal set of array schema to support your research questions

Build your discovery space

  • Implement research questions as interactive SciDB queries and workflows
  • Support for signal processing and image analysis
  • Data science services to advise on statistics and algorithms

Bring on your users

  • Develop a graphical application UI for selecting data, setting parameters, executing SciDB queries, and interactively exploring results in a data-visualization framework like R Shiny, Spotfire, Dotmatics Vortex, or similar

Play well with others

Integrate with:

  • Knowledge bases (like graph databases)
  • Cloud pipeline service providers like GeneStack and DNAnexus
  • Hadoop / Spark ecospheres
  • Other databases (Oracle, SQLServer, et al)

Get Trained & Tuned Up


Personal trainers

  • Introductory training—at Paradigm4, on-site, or video conference. Basic 2-day training for 3 people or add more people and dive deeper
  • Custom courses and guided development using your data and developing your own application

Optimize your performance

  • Assess and improve schema design and query implementations for faster execution
  • Tune SciDB to balancing the number of concurrent queries, types of queries, number of concurrent users, etc.

Custom extensions

  • Add new data sources
  • Develop new queries and workflows
  • Implement specialized data types, aggregates, operators, and functions to provide new functionality or to speed up performance.
  • Integrate functions you’ve already validated or from other libraries (like Bioconductor)

Keeping you up and running

  • Standard support
  • Extended hours support
  • Remote or on-site

How we work

Our Solutions team has extensive experience and advanced degrees in bioinformatics, image and signal processing, applied mathematics, scalable parallel computing, R, Python, databases, and computing infrastructures.

We’ll work together to define a precise statement work along with clear deliverables and acceptance criteria. We’ll follow through with a program plan, a project email list, a shared on-line project space, and regular program meetings. We provide most services remotely, given remote access to your on-premises installation or cloud service. On-site support is provided as needed. We’ll scope out your services and quote project-based pricing.

Accelerate your application vision with Paradigm4’s Solution Services.

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