SciDB is open-core software. Its fundamental features are available in an open-source Community Edition and advanced features are available in a proprietary Enterprise Edition.  Here at Paradigm4, we use an open-core approach so we can build a thriving, sustainable business.

Others agree with this approach.  As Mike Olson of Cloudera points out in The Cloudera Model:

… it’s pretty hard to build a successful, stand-alone open source company. Notably, no support- or services-only business model has ever made the cut.


Separately, but simultaneously, there’s been a stunning and irreversible trend in enterprise infrastructure. If you’re operating a data center, you’re almost certainly using an open source operating system, database, middleware and other plumbing. No dominant platform-level software infrastructure has emerged in the last ten years in closed-source, proprietary form.

The trend is clear and inescapable.  SciDB, an all-in-one analytics-plus-data-management platform, must be available in an open-source version. We currently accept contributions for things like custom loaders, client interfaces like SciDB-R and SciDB-Py, and of course, sample applications. In 2014 we’ll be expanding community involvement.  You can find the Community Edition Open Source at and community contributions on Paradigm4 Labs at GitHub.  And you can follow the community conversation at