Marilyn Matz

Marilyn Matz, CEO and co-founder of Paradigm4.  Marilyn was previously a co-founder and senior executive at Cognex, the industry leader in industrial machine vision.  Marilyn has a MS in Computer Science from MIT.

Michael Stonebraker

Mike Stonebraker, co-founder of Paradigm4. MIT Professor Mike Stonebraker has been the driving force behind nearly every major advance in database management systems for over 30 years for which he received a Turing Award.  He has co-founded 10 companies.

Zachary Pitluk, Ph.D

Zachary Pitluk, PhD., VP of Life Sciences.  Zach has had VP roles at Definiens, Gene Network Sciences and was CCO at Proveris Scientific.  Zach has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University, and was on the research faculty before his commercial activities began. 

Gary Planthaber

Gary Plantahaber, Chief Technology officer. Gary has been CEO at Pairby and CTO at Sentab. Gary has a MEng and BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Alex Poliakov

Alex Poliakov, V.P. of Customer Solutions and a founding engineer at Paradigm4.  Alex was previously an engineer at Netezza.  Alex has a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Jason Kinchen

Jason Kinchen, VP of Engineering. Jason was previously VP of Engineering at Attivio and Director of MATLAB and Math Toolboxes at Mathworks.  Jason has a BA in Engineering Science from Dartmouth College.