A Science-Ready Tech Stack
Secure. Scalable. Extensible.
A Science-Ready Tech Stack

An Integrative Analytics Platform Designed for Scientific Data and Scientific Computing by a Turing Laureate.

We’re optimization experts. We built the FLASH TECH STACK and the REVEAL suite of apps to deliver the optimal performance at the lowest cloud storage and cloud computing costs with solid data governance for all your use cases—from data harmonization, exploration, and filtering to integrative analytics and ML.

There is no magic: just really great computer science under the hood and years of close work with lighthouse customers. Ask us: we have the benchmarks and customer references to prove it


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Got lots of heterogeneous data sets to integrate? Tools and computations that require data in specialized file formats?
You get science-ready APIs. We deal with all the details of providing the most efficient data organization and scalable, distributing computing for the job—whether your data is structured or unstructured,  vectors, n-dimensional arrays, images or graphs.

Here are the highlights:

  • REVEAL Applications: application-specific solution packages comprising GUIs and an extensive and extensible library of R, Python and REST APIs that allow scientist users to effortlessly query the data, execute calculations, implement omics tools, and implement ML/FL workflows.
  • SciDB: uniquely efficient architecture for highly dimensional, multi-modal structured data along with metadata. It’s a scientific database engine with a native multidimensional array data model designed for rapid data selection both by metadata tags and values. Comprehensive schemas capture and connect all the metadata, facets, annotations, and raw & processed data for each data modality. Guaranteed data integrity and reproducibility for dynamic, multi-user, multi-site deployments with its distributed, transactionally-safe (ACID) and logging.
  • Burst Mode: an auto-scaling highly parallel cloud task execution engine. Automated scalability and elasticity that’s transparent to users.
  • flexFS: A supercharged file system without the sticker shock. An ultra-high aggregate-throughput POSIX-compliant cloud filesystem with extended ACLs. Great for raw data, specialized data formats, and unstructured data.
  • Bridge: a shared array data format optimized for accessibility to scientific and clinical data, cross-language, cross-cloud, cross-geography.

Lots of benefits. Lots to explain. Let’s talk.

“The greatest advantage that truly sets SciDB apart from other Big Data analysis technologies, I believe, is the optimized communication protocol that Paradigm4 implemented to support efficient multimodal parallelization; that is, beyond embarrassingly parallel processing. This protocol empowers SciDB users —  who are normally unaware of the existence of the protocol — to leverage its functions and operators with exceptional performance for a wider range of analyses on arrays.”

Kwo-Sen Kuo, Ph.D., Bayesics.