We get asked about hardware configuration for SciDB clusters. We start with a rule of thumb for the ratios among SciDB instances, CPU cores, RAM, and disks. That rule of thumb is that each SciDB instance should have:

1-2 CPU cores :: 4-8 GB RAM :: 1 Disk.

For example, here’s a configuration that honors the rule of thumb:

The cluster has:

  • Eight machines.

Each machine has:

  • Two CPUs.
  • Four disks.

Each CPU has:

  • Four cores.

Each Core has

  • Four Gigabytes of RAM.


The cluster has:

  • 32 running instances of SciDB

Each SciDB instance uses:

  • Two cores (on the same machine)
  • One disk
  • Eight Gigabytes of RAM.

Of course, your needs may vary. But these estimates are a good place to start.