One of the most common questions we get at Paradigm4 is “how is SciDB different than ______.” Fill in the blank with any one of the many DBMS’s on the market. Mapping the database landscape is not simple—there are so many, and they all claims to be “fast”, “fastest”, “biggest”,” leading”…

Brave souls like Matt Aslett, data management Research Director at 451 Research, have taken a stab at by being all-inclusive. Gartner, the big kahuna IT analyst firm, takes the opposite approach by being very exclusive, including only a tiny handful of vendors on their various data management-related Magic Quadrants.

Alex Poliakov, our resident Solutions Group Manager and all-around database guru, has his own take on how to select a DBMS and how to sort through the confusion. He decided to video-record his response.

For viewing at your convenience:

A brief introduction to Alex’s methodology (~4 minutes)

Alex’s full mapping of the database landscape (~37 minutes)