Get stunningly high throughput for large files in the cloud at less than half the cost of AWS EFS
“Projected savings of $8M over 3 years for cloud storage and computing at one top 10 Pharma.”  — NASA contractor
“With flexFS, we’re leading the way with high performance cloud infrastructure, helping our customers to make a difference in how they’re dealing with complex scientific data. Plus, we can help companies achieve more sustainable computing by reducing time-to-compute”.   — Gary Planthaber, V.P. Advanced Technology, Paradigm4

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Automatically scales up and out on-demand

High Throughput
Aggregate throughput increases with cluster size

Fast installation; works with existing software tools

End-to-end encryption of metadata and file data

icon compactCompact
Automatic low-latency compression of file data

Works in any public cloud vendor or private data center

Cost Effective
Lower TCO; reduces storage and compute costs

icon - greener energyGreen
Resource efficient; requires less power to operate